What it is

Teachers, do you want to take your teaching to a new level that greatly improves your ability to reach all students? Become a National Board Certified Teacher!

Becoming a National Board Certified Teacher involves a 1-3 year process where you submit four components that show your accomplished practice. This is a voluntary process, created by teachers and scored by teachers.

There are 25 certificate areas that cover most teachers or counselors setting. Each certificate has a set of Standards that were written by accomplished teachers in that certificate. They create a vivid picture of what accomplished teaching looks like in that certificate. Explore the certificates and Standards


National Board certification process

  • 25 certificate areas in which to certify
  • submit four components, which are scored against the National Board standards of accomplished teaching
  • 3 years to submit the four components in any order or combination

certification process


National Board Certification:

Improves systems

Teacher Career Continuum: Education systems are discovering that the National Board process completes their teacher development continuum

Improves teaching

In this video a teacher shares what the process meant to her. This video explains why to pursue NB Certification.

Benefits teachers

Hear a candidate speak about the benefits of the process.

Proven by research

The research is clear. Becoming board certified is effective professional development that inspires and retains teachers and helps students. Discover a process that many teachers feel is the most profound professional development of their career.

The idea that teachers could be evaluated using professional standards created by teachers, for teachers, as adapted to the situations in which they taught, was no longer a fantasy. The letters “NBCT” after a teacher’s name is the highest honor a member of the profession can attain.